Amazon Parrots

There are many species of parrots in the world that have come forward with their imitation abilities. Among these, the parrot species Amazon parrot is the best with imitation and speech ability.

Amazon parrots are of South American origin. Their natural habitat is between the Caribbean and Mexico. There are about 30 subspecies. Amazon parrots are among the species of large size parrots. The subspecies of Amazon parrots can be listed as follows;

Yellow-Faced Amazon Parrot

Its homeland is South America. It is the most well known species of Amazon parrots. It has a height of about 34-36 cm. The forehead part of the species, which has high imitation and speaking abilities, is yellow and the body is green. Yellow-browed parrot, especially susceptible to respiratory diseases, should be fed with diets containing seeds and fruit. The average life expectancy is 100 years.

Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot

The average length is around 40-42 cm. The natural habitat of Mexico and other South American regions of this species, most of the head region is yellow and most of the body is green. Yellow-headed amazons with white eye contour have a high speech and imitation ability. The average life expectancy is known as 50 years.

Orange-winged Amazon Parrot

The body of the orange-winged amazon, which is approximately 33-35 cm tall, has a green color. As the name suggests, the bottom of the wing is orange. On the other hand, it attracts attention with yellow and blue areas. The ability to speak and imitate is lower than other amazon species. Because he doesn’t like to make that kind of sound. The average life expectancy is up to 60 years.

Blue Faced Amazon

The blue-face amazon, which has an average length of 36-38 cm, has a noisy structure. Blue forehead amazon, which has a high imitation ability, is one of the species with the best speech ability. The front part of the head is light blue and the inner part of the eye area is gray and the outer part is yellow. The parrot species, which are mostly green in color, feed on seeds and fruits. The average life expectancy is between 80-100 years.

Mealy Amazon Parrot

The average length is 40 cm. It is an extremely calm and docile parrot species. Therefore, it is more suitable for feeding in the apartment. Speech and imitation capabilities are low compared to other Amazon types. The average life expectancy of Mealy amazon, which is easy going, calm and fond of its owner, is 40-60 years.

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