Clever Parrot Species

Parrots are highly intelligent animals. The most important indicator of these superior features is that they have both excellent imitation skills and speaking skills. In this sense, many parrot species and each parrot species have different characteristics. In this article, we will talk about the most intelligent parrot species and the main features of these parrots;

African Gray Parrot

This parrot is known as African Gray or Jako parrot. The most prominent feature of the Jako parrot is that most of its feathers are gray. Jacquards with red tail areas can reach approximately 30-35 cm in length. Jakos, which stands out as the smartest known parrot species, is a high level species with both speech features and imitation abilities. Jako parrots, especially those with advanced speaking skills, can learn hundreds of words and give logical answers to questions over time. There are sub-types of Jakos known as Congo and Timneh Jako. The average life expectancy varies between 80-90 years.

Amazon Parrot

It is a parrot species of American origin. It has both imitation and speaking ability. Amazons, which have many subtypes, have different colors and appearances. The Yellow-necked Amazon, which stands out in the Amazon, is a preferred species with its intelligence among other sub-species. Amazons can reach a height of approximately 35-40 cm. Life span is between 90-100 years.

Parrot of Eclectus (Church)

Eclectus Parrot, which originates from the South Pacific regions, is approximately 30-35 cm tall. Eclectus parrots have 10 subspecies, the most important feature of which is the ability to speak and imitate. One of the most advanced parrot species, Eclectus Parrot, is very good at learning words and sentences. So that they can sing with good training.


It is a special type of parrot whose origin is known as India. Alexander the parrot, whose intelligence is very high, loves to live with people. The ability to speak and imitate is highly developed. He gained interest with the intonations he created while talking. Their length can reach up to 50 cm.

Monk Parrot

Monk parrot is also known as Quaker Parrot in some regions. It is more common in Europe, North and South America. Monk Parrot, whose speech skills are highly developed, can easily imitate human voice with their tones. They reach an average height of 25-30 cm during their lifetime.


It is one of the most popular birds of the parrot class. Its origins are Australian continent. Budgerigar, which is green in its natural habitat, has many colors and sizes. They reach about 16-20 cm in height during their lifetime. Along with their speaking abilities, they also have imitation abilities. It is a kind of talking in good dialogue with good education.


Cockatoo parrot is a species with many subspecies. It is a highly developed and intelligent parrot species with high imitation abilities. Speech skills cannot be said to be developed much, but he can learn many words with good education.

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