Cockatiel Speech Training

Cockatiels are a kind of bird that stands out with its speaking and imitation abilities. Cockatiels can speak the words they have learned with good training, at which point there are 2 basic criteria. The first is that your bird is a male. In this regard, the female cockatiels, although there are exceptions are not seen much talk. The second important issue is that your bird is domesticated. In this sense, a domestic cockatiel can be very comfortable in speaking because he is not afraid and trusts his owner. If your bird is not domesticated, your job is a little more difficult because you will have to domesticate it first.

If you have a puppy parrot, your job is easier, and you can start the puppy cockatiel training right after you break the bait. It is always easier to teach puppies to speak.

One of the most effective methods of making the cockatiel speak is to whistle the same tone after the word you want to teach. For example, say your bird’s name or your name, while doing this, ‘Alex fiiiifuuu’, ‘Carl fiiiifuuu’, do regular repetitions. Do this every day. After a while when you just say Alex, your bird will whistle, or when you sound that whistle, Alex will say. You can apply this method, which is extremely effective and fun, in the form of whistles, then words, then whistles. Always be sure to play the whistle in the same tone so that it focuses on it.

Another method is the method of recording the desired word to be taught and listening to the bird. In this method, take care not to hold the play time too long. Otherwise, your bird will be uncomfortable, which may cause distraction or even stress. In this sense, if you want to teach your bird certain words, it is best to take it on your finger and take care of it personally. In addition, speech training should always be provided in a dim environment. Of course, each bird has a different tendency to speak. Patience and stable education are very important in the cockatiel speaking method.

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