Harmful Foods for Parrots

Harmful food for parrots is a topic that many animal lovers wonder about. Parrots can taste everything. In this sense, care to keep these nutrients away from your delicate friend, which will adversely affect the health of parrots.

Harmful food for parrots;

  1. Chocolate Coffee and Tea: Chocolate, tea and coffee is one of the most harmful foods for parrots. Firstly, “Theobromine” in chocolate and ”Caffeine” in coffee and tea are very harmful for your parrot. When your bird consumes these nutrients, vomiting and diarrhea occur. In case of excessive consumption, situations that may result in death occur.
  2. Onion and Garlic: Every kind of onion and garlic, whether cooked or uncooked, disrupts your parrot’s red blood cells, causing them to become anemia.
  3. Aloe vera: Aloe vera plant, known for its great benefits to the skin, is very harmful to parrots. If your bird tastes Aloe Vera, it will cause serious kidney and intestinal problems.
  4. Alcohol: Alcohol is a type of beverage that can be harmful to parrots. Parrots consuming even one drop of alcohol, the alcohol content of the acid and various chemicals in the respiratory system will damage. In addition, poisoning may result in death.
  5. Fungus: Fungus is a harmful food for many pets. This also applies to your parrot friends. The fungus causes damage to the digestive system of parrots and also causes liver failure.
  6. Tomato: Parrot is a harmful food for your friends. Tomato, with its high acid content, causes problems in your parrot’s kidneys. Kidney problems cause different diseases such as gout formation.
  7. Avocado: Avocado is a harmful food for your bird as it is harmful for many pets with Persin ingredient. Persin is a powerful toxin for your parrot and can cause serious poisoning if consumed.
  8. Fatty Foods: Parrots’ digestive system is sensitive, in this sense parrots can not easily digest fatty foods. Non-digestible fatty foods are stored in the parrot’s body and can cause many diseases over time.
  9. Fruit Seeds: We consume fruits such as apples, pears and quince in daily life. Although not the fruit itself, the fruit seeds can also be consumed by your friend during nutrition. Parrots cannot easily digest fruit seeds, which can cause damage to the digestive tract.

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