How is egg food made?

Egg food is the most nutritious food that helps cockatiels live a healthy life. Egg food can be easily prepared with the ingredients in the house.

Egg food can be prepared not only from eggs, but also by adding additional foods to the food. Here are the necessary ingredients for egg food;

1 Tea Cup Corn Flour
1 Tea Cup Oat Flour
1 Tea Cup Rice Flour
1 Tea Cup Flour
1 Tea Cup Brown Bulgur
1 Tea Glass Semolina
2-3 Grain baby biscuits (in flour form)
2-3 slices of unsalted bread

All these ingredients are mixed thoroughly in the blender. If the materials in your home are missing, do not worry and use as much as possible. The resulting mixture is not a drug, and the latter will be effective for the parrot. In this sense, if you want your egg food to be more nutritious, you can add the following foods;

1 powder from squid bone. (It’s a little hard to do.)
Half tea cup Diazme 256 (This product is probiotic and multi-vitamin)
1 teaspoon of ginger
1 teaspoon Black Seed
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon

Egg for 10 min. boil, then 5-10 min. Allow the egg to cool, then chop the egg finely and sprinkle with the mixture powder you have prepared. Adjust the powder to the egg. Your mixture of ready-to-eat cockatiel can enjoy. You can also add carrot grater into this food.

Be careful not to keep the egg food in the cage for a long time in hot weather. In summer, keep the food for 1-2 hours in hot weather. In winter it can stay in the cage for 5-6 hours depending on the room temperature.

Another consideration is that egg food is poured onto the bottom of the cage. If you do not have a lattice grill, even if you take the food, the food residues at the base will deteriorate. This can deteriorate your bird’s health and even poison it.

Protein intake is very important for the parrots of Sultan. So if you are making egg food to your cockatiel for the first time, you can add some seed, feed or branch millet. Thus, the formula will attract more attention.

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