How is the Age of Cockatiel Known?

How is the age of the cockatiel known? In this regard, many people who want to be sure of the new cockatiel, and the most important question on his mind, the seller’s information about the age of the cockatiel is correct or not. So often the information given does not come true, and the 3-4-month old baby parrot, usually taken 2-3 years old, and this situation is very common. Apart from people who do their job properly, unpleasant situations like this are also unsettling for those who are considering taking parrots. It is possible to avoid this situation by taking some precautions.

First of all, if possible, it would be safer to choose a home-grown sultan parrot. Thus, you will have all kinds of information about the bird you will own. The Buddha will also help you with the cockatiel age, gender and education.

It is very difficult to determine the age of cockatiel as in other parrot species. In this sense, the general appearance of a 1-year-old cockatiel and a 5-year-old cockatiel are the same and are very difficult to distinguish. However, if you look at the tips that will help you in this matter, firstly;

The cockatiel between the ages of 0-1 is thin, with a smooth beak and round eyes. They are a bit smaller than the older cockatiel.
The cockatiel between 1-8 years of age are more thick and rough than the age range. Layers begin to form in their beaks over time. Above head hairs are longer. The most beautiful and flashy periods of the cockatiel are these times.
A parrot of 8-16 years of age moves much slower. In addition, the layers and roughness of the beak and feet are much more noticeable.

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