How is the Age of Jako Parrots Known?

Unfortunately, the age of the Jako parrots is not known in later years. In this article, we will try to give you information about the issues that need to be considered when estimating age of jako parrots;

First, the eyes of jako parrots are completely black until they are one year old, then gray-black and yellowish when they are 3 years old. In the following period, no change or difference in physical appearance is observed in the 3-30 age range. Gray parrots stand out as fun and social animals with imitation abilities. Because of this feature, it is important for the jacos to live a healthy life for at least 3 hours per day outside the cage. Birds who live in cages for a long time get stressed, so they don’t like touching and caressing.

In order to avoid escaping from the perch outside the cage and hitting left and right inside the cage, the first 3 feathers are left on the bird’s wing tips, and the next 7 feathers are cut. This application is open to discussion of benefits and harms. If you want to have your bird’s wing feathers cut, it is best to have it done by a specialist.
The eyes of gray jako parrots are completely black when they are juveniles, but as their age progresses, the iris are colored in color and become completely yellow after 3 years of age. After this time it is very difficult and even impossible to determine the age of the gray parrot, in this sense the physical appearance of a 3 year old gray parrot and a 30 year old gray parrot is almost the same.

Red tail jacos have blackness in the queue and blackness disappears as the jacket ages. The tail of the jacket is usually vivid bright red. The tail of the aging jacket is matte and pale, while the beak is matt and worn. age estimation is possible according to beak structure. Such that the beak structure of a young jacquard is smooth and bright. Finally, it is possible to estimate the age of the outpatient age in the jacquards.

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