How should cockatiel cage be ?

If you own or plan to adopt a bird, you should first know that you need to create a comfortable living space for your bird. From the moment you own your bird, it is now your responsibility and a living creature in need. Knowing the characteristics, living conditions and needs of the bird you are aware of, it is very important for him to lead a healthy life.

How should the parrot cage be?

First of all, the parrot cage should not be round. This is very important, remember. The cage should be either square or rectangular. In this sense, round cages cause the disappearance of sense of direction in the cockatiel . Your bird will often get stressed in a round cage.

Rectangular cages are ideal dimensions for at least 30cm x 30cm x 30cm for single cockatiel , 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for double cockatiel, but if the dimensions are larger, you will create a better living space for your bird. Your bird’s tails should not rub against the cage wire when standing in the perch. It is better if there are horizontal wires on both sides of the cage vertically. You should also choose a non-painted brass cage for your bird. In this way, you can remove the paints while curing wires and eliminate the possibility of eating and poisoning.

Another important issue should be the grill under the cage. Cockatiel love to mix everything and peck. This includes their own faeces. Therefore, the use of the grill is necessary for the health of your bird.

Your bird’s perches should be wood. 1- It should be 1.5 cm in diameter and round. Also in the cage;

  • Squid bone: It is necessary to meet the calcium requirement.
  • Bird sand: When your bird needs it, it consumes as much as it needs. Bird sand is necessary for the bird to digest its feed. If you do not put bird litter, you may see undigested food in the feces.
  • Beak Move
  • Feeders and drinkers: Do not use feeders that are installed outside the cage when buying a feeder. They are small mouths and are not useful for cockatiel. Use the manger fitted inside the cage.

You can also attach toys and cymbals to the cage. Make sure that the toys are not plastic. Cockatiel favorite accessories are wooden swings. Never install a mirrored accessory in the cage of the cockatiel. Your bird may fall in love with himself while watching himself in the mirror.

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