How should Jako Parrot Feed be?

Witte Molen, which is very useful for the healthy development of Jako parrots and is readily available on the market. Parrot feed mixes produced by Sacchi, Bonnie, Champions and Vitakraft are suitable for jako parrots. A similar feed can be prepared by mixing the seeds sold outdoors, but the important thing here is that the materials must be clean and free of dust. A sample feed mixture should be as follows: 65% black azwhite sunflower seeds
3% wheat
9% oats
5% corn (soft)
Cannabis% 3
5% shelled peanuts
3% vetch
3% rice
4% safflower
The feed you prepare should be renewed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Additional nutrients suitable for Jako parrots; hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and almonds. These foods should be given in moderation. Some dried nuts, especially peanuts may contain mold, quality and branded products are preferred for the health of the jacquard. A quarter of a very well boiled egg can be given once a week, and a small amount of well cooked chicken or fish meat can be given every 3-4 weeks. In addition, a small amount of boiled and fat-free pasta can be given. A small amount of unsalted and low-fat white cheese can also be given.

For parrots, excessive sugared, salty, moldy, stale and roasted seeds should be avoided. In addition, avocado, oily foods, all kinds of alcohol and carbonated drinks, prepared fruit juices, fruit kernels, parsley leaves (stem parts can be given), dates (paradise fruit), onions, mushrooms and eggplants should not be given.

The drinking water of Jako parrots should be given at room temperature and if possible, rested and renewed once a day.

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