How should cockatiel be fed?

Cockatiel loves eating parrots. In this sense, their healthy and good nutrition is very important to be more resistant to diseases.

First of all, the most important basic food for cockatiel parrots is feed. You can purchase these feeds in open or closed packages from safe places. It is very important for your bird’s health to make sure that the feed you receive is fresh and that there are no insects inside.

One of the favorite foods of the cockatiel is the salt-free kernel and nuts. Another food that cockatiel loves is dal millet. When a parrot eats a branch of the millet, the next time he sees it, he starts to run for him. Therefore, branch millet is usually given as a reward during the training. However, over-consumption of the narrow can cause your bird to become overweight, so it is advisable to give it a restraint.

Your bird needs to consume vegetables and fruits regularly for a healthy diet, so that there is no need for vitamin supplements to a cockatiel that consumes regular fruits and vegetables. So you can make a nice vegetable and fruit mixture once a week or two. For this, apples (don’t give seeds), carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, boiled potatoes, green and red pepper, boiled rice, are very, very useful foods for cockatiel. If your bird does not eat these foods, then you can use vitamin medicine.

Cockatiel also consume mixed canary feed, you can also give canary feed by making changes in the intermediate. Another important food for cockatiel is bird sand. Bird sand helps the cockatiel digest the food he eats. For this, bird’s sand must be installed in the cage’s feeder.

Another useful food for cockatiel is egg food. For egg food, boil an egg thoroughly and put it on one side of the manger. Egg food should be prepared daily, which is also very useful for newly hatched offspring.

Another useful food that cockatiel like is honey crackers. However, it is very important for your bird’s health to get such food from petshop. In addition, cockatiel love to eat germinated seeds. You can also make germinated seeds at home.

Finally, you need to change and refresh your bird’s watering daily. In addition, two drops a day, 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar in the drinking water, internal external parasites to get rid of and will be useful in strengthening the immune system.

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