How to feed the cockatiel?

Cockatiel are a bird species that stands out with their appearance and love of eating. It is very important that you pay attention to the nutrition of cockatiel in order to be healthy and strong.

They are primarily foodstuffs for cockatiel. When taking these feeds you should pay attention to whether the feed is fresh or not insecticides. In this sense, the bait sold in petshopda creates a risk. Versele Laga Paraket Feed which you can choose among closed brands is a good quality and beautiful feed. Cockatiel feed is a diversified form of budgerigar feed. Therefore, only the budgerigar feed will be insufficient to feed the cockatiel parrot. You need to add salt-free kernel and shredded hazelnut in it, or you can only buy cockatiel food. If you prefer open feed, there are too many cores in the open feed, you should supplement it with budgerigar feed, thus reducing the seed rate. Because excessive consumption of seeds can cause liver fat in your cockatiel.

The favorite food of cockatiels is millet. Therefore, branch millet is usually given as a reward during the training. Do not always keep millet in the cage, as this will cause your bird to become overweight.

Very useful for the parrot, apples (do not give the kernel), carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, boiled potatoes, green and red pepper and boiled rice are the nutrients that your cockatiel will love and also meet the need for vitamins. Once you have chopped these vegetables and fruits, you can give them to your bird. If your bird refuses and doesn’t eat, you can use vitamin supplements. You can also put mixed canary feed in a separate bowl in the cage and it will be consumed with pleasure.

Another food is bird sand. For this, keep a separate and small manger bird sand. Bird sand is extremely important for your bird to digest what they eat. If there is no bird sand, you may see undigested food in your parrot’s feces.

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