How to Teach Parrots to Speak?

Parrots are a fun and good friend with their eye-catching colors, superior intelligence and imitation ability. In this sense, it is possible to make the parrot talk with patience and good education.

Birds’ speaking abilities are different from each other, even within the same breeds, and may vary markedly. For example, African Gray Parrot is known as the most intelligent and natural mimicry species among parrot species. Birds can often mimic the voice of women and children more easily than men. Parrots that grow in the hand start to talk much earlier because they are accustomed to human voice. To make a bird talk, one must first be patient and selfless. The more time you spend on your bird with daily repetition sessions, the sooner you get results.

At the stage of education, firstly, give the parrot education by dividing the sentences and words into small pieces, which is much easier and more effective. Once the bird can successfully mimic the first episode, you can continue by adding on it in the next process and create all the words, sentences or poems you want.

Quietness of the environment when teaching to speak is very important in effective speech education. In this way, you can train many times a day, starting from where the bird stops. If you call your bird in the same way every morning, after a while it will start responding similarly. You can teach your parrot name, phone number or address, which will help you find your bird in case of a possible loss. Repeat what you want to teach by sitting close to the cage every 5 minutes.

For the purpose of training, you can record your own voice to the computer or phone to make it repeat regularly and play your parrot at regular intervals. It is difficult to make a mature bird talk using the same method, but a bird that has learned to speak will add new ones to its vocabulary throughout life.

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