Jako Parrots Hair Removal and Reasons

One of the most frequently complained subjects of pagan feeders is the problem of plucking. The problem of plucking is most common in Congo jacos, parrots and cockatoo species. One of the most obvious causes of hair removal problem is discomfort, unbalanced nutrition and psychological factors.
Liver and kidney diseases
Bacterial and viral diseases
Parasitic and fungal infections
Unbalanced nutrition (vitamin A, calcium deficiency)
Cigarette smoke
Wrong wing cutting
Hormonal instability
Insufficient humidity and insufficient daylight
Steady, narrow, small cage and change of living space
New house, new cage, entering the breeding season
Inadequate sleep
Parrots can suddenly start plucking their feathers. It is possible to use sour sweet sprays called bitter peak, which are more effective in stress-dependent situations. Because of its taste, the parrot never touches these areas where the spray is used. However, this method is also a temporary solution.
In this case, medium-large parrots tend to harm other small parrots, so a good practice should be done and both parrots should not be left uncontrolled for long periods.
Jakos are very fond of playing games, and one of the factors that cause my feather path is the lack of any toy that attracts the attention of the jacket in the cage, so narrow cages hinder the jacket’s ability to move and thus the jacket starts to play with its feathers since it cannot find any other object to attract interest in the cage.
This is very easy to avoid, first of all, a cage should be preferred where the jacket can be comfortable and different accessories and swings to attract attention to the cage should be put in order to turn his attention. In this way, the parrot gives attention to his toys, not his feathers, and gets rid of the problem of plucking.

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