Most Talking Parrot Species

Parrots are a special bird species famous for their imitation abilities. In some species of parrots, the ability to imitate is so developed that they can mimic any sound, from human voice to music.

Some species of parrots stand out with their intelligence and others with their speaking skills. In this article, we will talk about the most talking parrot species respectively;

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrot can live for many years in a cage environment. It is the most capable parrot species in speech and imitation. Amazon parrots can use as many words as they are good at imitation. It is the only parrot species that stands out with its features. Their lengths are approximately 30 – 34 cm and their life span is about 40 years. There are several different kinds of colors, the general characteristics of which are the same.


It is a parrot that stands out with its ability to speak. It is not known how many words they can actually speak. He learns to speak very easily and draws attention with his different sounds. It is a species that has taken the title of chattering with this feature. The most prominent feature of Lori parrots is that they have the ability to sing a song from beginning to end.


It is the parrot species with the most imitation ability. Has the ability to imitate the sounds he hears. He is famous for imitating a cat’s meow just like a cat, a dog’s barking like a dog, or even a baby’s crying like a baby. It is also among the longest living parrot species.


Jakos are a common species among domestic parrots. They can talk very easily, but their owners have a long time to adjust. However, they begin to speak at the end of the acclimation period. Jakos are also a very intelligent species, so that they can perceive and answer questions.


Parrot is one of the most popular and smallest species in the family. Budgerigars can speak up to 80 words. Speech skills are quite good, but they are not very talented in imitation. It is recommended to feed only if training is desired.

Parrots of Sevda

Sevda parrots are also known as love birds. They get their names from being very attached to their wives. Sevdalar never leave their wives and take care of them very closely. Paradise parrots that are fed in pairs are therefore very difficult to train. However, they are easy to train when they are fed alone. Lovers who are fed alone are very dependent on their owners and want a lot of attention.

Macaw Parrot

Parrot is one of the largest species in the family. The voice of the parrot, whose numbers have decreased considerably, is close to the human voice, so they can be understood very clearly. The ability to imitate is weak, but speech is a strong species.

Sultan Parrot

Sultans are among the most domesticated parrot species. The ability to emulate is highly developed, they can mimic the whistle melodies of their owners. Even though his ability to speak is weak, they are able to speak with persistent education because they are a mimetic genre.

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