Cockatiel Training

Cockatiel training is a training to make the cockatiel talk. Training consists of specific stages. To train the cockatiel, one must first be patient and selfless. After this stage, the process proceeds much easier and more enjoyable. First of all, the education stage of the cockatiel consists of certain parts; domestication training, obedience training and speech training.

Domestication Training of Cockatiel

The most important point in the education of domestication is the dialogue with the owner of the cockatiel. In this sense, the first interaction between you and the bird will determine the process of the training. The bird’s cage should be in your home where you spend the most time. Make sure that there is absolutely no noise in the room where the cage is located during the training phase. In addition, the bird must not be removed from the cage for the first month after adopting the bird. During this time, try to connect with the bird, try to talk and call him constantly. The first 1 month is very important during the training process, do not touch the bird by hand during this time. Just touch the cage to meet the bird’s basic needs.

In the future, make sure that the bird eats your favorite food so that the bird can get used to it. The cockatiel may fear and stay away in the first stage, but don’t worry, your job will be much easier when he gets used to eating from your hand.
Cockatiel, after getting used to eating from your hand, we can easily get out of the cage. However, take it out of the cage with your forefinger. It may take time for the bird to literally walk around and don’t rush. Finally, when the cockatiel comes to your hand easily, the domestication process is completed.

Cockatiel Obedience Training

Cockatiel are a kind of bird that stands out with its ability to speak. In obedience training, give commands to the sultan’s parrot and make him follow the commands you give. At this stage, do not forget to give your bird a reward that matches the commands you give. This could be his favorite food. Obedience training requires patience, always give your bird the same commands. For example, you can give commands such as coming out, flying, going and coming. Over time, your bird will learn and adapt to what these words mean.

Speech Training

Talking time of the parrot takes place in 3 months with a good education. First, repeat the words you want the bird to learn. You should prefer easy words in the first place. Follow your bird, if it makes a sound from the throat, immediately repeat the word you want to learn. The sensitive point here is that the bird is rewarded after talking. Rewarding can be caressing, kissing or favorite food.

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